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Facials have many benefits! Facials can increase oxygen, speed up cellular turnover and circulation for more vibrant, healthier looking skin immediately! Deep cleansing, improving clogged pores, excess oils, moisture content and texture. Facials performed on a regular basis have been proven to improve over all clarity, signs of aging, texture, brightness, acne, and

hydration for healthier more vibrant skin!

Glycolic Rejoice Facial - Revives aging skin immediately. Brightens, soften lines, deeply exfoliates and stimulates collagen. Followed with a Vitamin C mask and firming peptides for stressed, dull skin.  $99/30min    $130/60min  


Four Layer Facial - A result driven facial that will change your skin in one treatment. Vitamins A, C, and E to nourish. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids and gentle yet effective enzymes to speed up cellular turnover lightening, tightening and brightening all skin types, even sensitive and rosacea. Aloe vera and chamomile to reduce redness. Hyaluronic acid to add moisture to dehydrated skin. One treatment to smooth, brighten improve dull, damaged skin.  All skin types. Client favorite. $60/30min    $85/60min       $140/90min  


Signature Facial - The ultimate relaxing facial beginning with a warm compress, massage on the back and shoulders to ease tense muscles with mint scrub. That's just the beginning: turn over for a tailor-made spa facial including pepper mint foot scrub/leg massage as well as hand treatment.  All skin types. Treat yourself and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit!    $130/90min

Age Reversal Anti Aging Facial - Combines microdermabrasion resurfacing with glycolic treatment for a deeper exfoliation, revive collagen and brighten skin. Micro current and firming  peptides for immediate firming, glowing skin!  $130/60min  $150/90min


Brightening Facial –  Pumpkin infused enzymes will quickly and effectively improve texture, clarity, stressed and dull-looking skin.  Beneficial and relaxing! All skin types. 

$50/30min      $75/60min       $130/90min


Spa Duo Package - Two trained therapists to massage and rejuvenate you skin. Full body massage and Spa Brightening Facial at the same time. Ultimate relaxation. Discreetly covered as our experts treat you to an exceptional experience you won't forget!  $145/90min   

Layered Technology Facial  - Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid for superior cellular turnover without down time. Brightens and tightens with ultrasonic penetration of firming peptides, LED Mask to stimulate collagen and microdermabrasion for immediate long lasting results.

All skin types/Aging skin types.   Ultimate facial for facial enthusiast!  $110/45min   $155/90min

Peppermint Facial Combo - Unwind with aromatherapy back treatment with sweet
orange, peppermint and brown sugar essential oils, warm compresses to gently buff away dry, itchy skin and lock in moisture. Replenish face, neck décolleté' and scalp with nourishing anti
aging peptides and Vitamin C to immediately brighten, hydrate and revive dull skin.  $90/75min
Teen/Pre Teen Facial - A skin and age appropriate facial. Deep cleansing/customized facial with recommendations and samples for home care. Parent consent.    $45/30min

don't be overwhelmed with facial choices, your esthetician will help you decide which one is best for you 

Take a deep breath as you slide into a warm bed of aromatherapy. Your choice of pressure to relieve pain, stress, and tension for body, mind and spirit. Hot towel compression complimentary         

Couples - Quality time with your spouse, best friend, mom, daughter, son or father. A relaxing atmosphere, on warm beds and soft music so you can unwind together.

$150/60min (Deep Tissue $160)    $180/90min  (Deep Tissue ($190)     

Swedish - A traditional light to medium pressure massage. Will help alleviate tension, relax the mind and body, pain relief and improve circulation.$40/30min        $70/60min         $90/90min       
Deep TissueDeep direct pressure applied across the muscles with fingers, thumbs, and elbows. Reaches fascia beneath the surface muscle.  $80/60min         $100/90min             


Maternity -Customized for the mother-to-be. Designed to help relieve the special needs of pregnancy discomforts.  $40/30min         $70/60min         

Hot Stone - Deep soothing heat of polished basalt stones penetrate tense, tired muscles. Provides a healing warmth as your stress melts away.  $80/60min       $100/90min         

Teen/Pre TeenComfortable, custom pressure and age appropriate for teens first massage. Parent consent.   $35/30min

Neck, Scalp and Shoulders - Perfect pick me up! Therapeutic healing on massage table. Great for last minute rejuvenation to make it thru your day!  $40/30min


ESSENTIAL BODY SCRUB - Warm compresses and essential oil blend of peppermint, sweet orange and brown sugar gently exfoliate dead skin cells, improve circulation and lock in moisture. Discretely draped on a a warm bed of aromatherapy.   $65/45min

ESSENTIAL BODY COMBO - Soothes body and mind with Spa Essential Body Scrub and essential oils, warm compresses and Swedish Body Massage to erase your stress and leave skin silky smooth.   $125/90min


Brow Design $15+

Lips $10

Chin $10

Face and neck $40

Basic Bikini $55+

Fore Arms $40 

Under Arm $35

Back $55+

Chest $40+

Feet and toes $20

Chemical peels offer fast, maximum benefits for texture, age spots, pores lines, acne, sun damage, and wrinkles. Complimentary consultation recommended prior to chemical peel. Results may vary depending on individual skin genetics, sun damage, and previous skin treatments.

LIGHT GLYCOLIC CHEMICAL PEEL- A non-invasive glycolic facial peel with no down time. Improves texture, clarity and break outs. Immediate benefits.
$75 each          Series of 3 for $150         Series of 5 for $275

CUSTOM PEELS - For specific area(s) of concern. Personalized for your skin conditions. 

$150+ Free consultation prior to procedure.

ACNE SCARS - $45+Individual quote    



Silk, black, water proof. Natural to dramatic, you choose!  New set $125.
Eye lash extension touch-ups 2-4 weeks $45+


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