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Facials have many benefits! Facials can increase oxygen, speed up cellular turnover and circulation for more vibrant, healthier looking skin immediately! Deep cleansing, improving clogged pores, excess oils, moisture content and texture. Facials performed on a regular basis have been proven to improve over all clarity, signs of aging, texture, brightness, improve acne and hydration for healthier more vibrant skin!

Confused which facial to choose? We specialize in "custom facials" your esthetician will help you decide which one is best or combine/Stack Energy Facials for your maximum benefits! Free consultation!


DOUBLE FIRMING - Combination of RF/sound waves and ultra sound. Clinically proven to heat dermal layers and strengthen collagen fibers for deeper levels of collagen stimulations to firm, tone, improve elasticity and over all lifting effect including jawline and cheek bones. Includes face, decollete and neck. $90/50min

GLYCOLIC - Chemical exfoliation deeper in the dermis to improve breakouts immediately and revive aging skin immediately. Brightens, soften lines, stimulates collagen. Followed with a nourishing mask and firming peptides for stressed, dull skin.  $99/30min    $130/60min  

MICRO-NEEDLING - Hyaluronic Acid and tiny sterile pinpricks can boost skins natural ability to generate collagen and heal. A controlled depth improving scars, pores, lines and texture of the skin. One of the most effective non-invasive treatments. Consultation prior to scheduling. $165 (Add Radio Frequency for additional tightening and firming/individual quote)

LATIC FACIAL/PEEL - Combination non-invasive latic peel and facial in one treatment! With Vit C and hyaluronic eye treatment to immediately hydrate and brighten! $99/30min   $130/60min

PORE MINIMIZER - For Oily/Combination Skin - Improves acne prone skin, deep cleans pores,

needed extractions, reduces redness, bacteria and irritation. Lifts away dead skin cells and oils. Helps soothe and rebalance acne prone skin.  $65 


SIGNATURE FOUR LAYER - A result driven facial that will change your skin in one treatment. Vitamins A, C, and E will nourish with effective enzymes to speed up cellular turnover lightening, tightening and brightening all skin types, even sensitive and rosacea. Aloe vera and chamomile to reduce redness. Hyaluronic acid to add moisture to dehydrated skin. One treatment to smooth, brighten improve dull, damaged skin. Client favorite.   $60/30min   $90/60min  

Four Layer 80min begins with back massage for tense muscles and peppermint 

foot scrub to eliminate dry skin with hand massage! Revive mind, body and spirit!  $140/80min

DERMA PLANING - Immediate radiant skin! No more peach fuzz! Scrape away hair, dirt, oils and dead skin cells allowing deeper penetration of professional products to be more effective. We include deep cleansing, appropriate facial mask for all skin types.  $129/60min

(Dermaplaning can be added to any facial $55)

BOOT CAMP - This result driven facial delivers! Instantly brightens, improves texture, reduces pores and soften lines. Glycolic acid, Vitamin C enzymes, organic nourishing mask with warm and cool therapies. Diamond tip microdermabrasion and advanced anti aging peptides to renew your skin today!  $125/30min

TRIPLE EFFECT FACIAL - Perfect choice to stimulate collagen, resurface, improve pores, fine lines and hydrate! Splurge cells with Aqua Exfoliation H2O, essential oils, firming peptides and a boost of glycolic for even deeper exfoliation. RF toning/firming technology improving skin for long term benefits!  Triple your benefits!  $130

BRIGHTENING - Pumpkin infused enzymes will quickly and effectively improve texture, clarity, stressed and dull-looking skin.  Beneficial and relaxing!  Includes extractions and appropriate mask.

$60/30min      $80/60min    All skin types.


TEEN/PRE TEEN - A skin and age appropriate facial. Deep cleansing/customized facial with recommendations, needed extraction and samples for home care. Parent consent.    $60/30min

AGE REVERSAL - Dual combo exfoliation! Microdermabrasion and glycolic will

revive collagen, improve texture and brighten skin. Microcurrent and firming peptides for immediate firming for glowing results!  $130/60min  

LAYERED TECHNOLOGY -  Vitamin C Enzyme exfoliation and Glycolic Acid for superior cellular turnover without down time. Brightens and tightens with ionic penetration of firming peptides, LED Mask to stimulate collagen and microdermabrasion for immediate long lasting results. Ultimate facial for facial enthusiast!    $155/80min

BHA FACIAL - Recommended for very oily skin types. Improves acne, texture, tightens and helps decrease oil production and breakouts.  Flaking possible in a few days.  $85/30min

Upper and lower lip wax  $15

Brow wax/shaping $15

Chin and lip wax $20

Face wax $40 

Face and neck $45 

Laser Hair Removal starts $20 (brows excluded)

Laser Hair Removal full face starts $45 (brows excluded)

Back Facial cleansing, extractions to help improve breakouts $50
Reviving Eye or Lip Therapy ultra hydrating, instantly rejuvenates $15 each
Derma planning removes peach fuzz and exfoliates for immediate glowing skin $55
Back Treatment exfoliation, hot towels and massage $15
Foot Treatment hot towels with peppermint exfoliation includes foot and calf massage $10
Aqua Facials- Splurges water deep into your pores as it vacuums dead cells away promoting healthy new cell growth! Exfoliates, extracts and infuses skin simultaneously. Immediate long-lasting results. Hydrating resurfacing treatment revives, brightens skin and improves over all texture. Not your average facial! Your esthetician will help you decide which is best for you!
Aqua - Customized aqua facial for your skin to deep clean pores, exfoliate and
micro current infusion of firming peptides to further reduce sings of aging. Includes neck, shoulder and decollete massage. Relaxing and refreshing.   $99/60
Triple Effect - Perfect choice to stimulate collagen, resurface, improve pores, fine lines and hydrate! Splurge your cels with H2O, essential oils, firming peptides and a boost of glycolic for even deeper exfoliation. Toning/firming technology improving skin for long term benefits!  Triple your benefits! $130

H2O Dermabrasion - Revitalizing boost of water velocity to effectively remove old, dead skin cells, deep cleansing pores as a non-chemical exfoliation. Refreshing, hydrating, resurfacing treatment for immediate brighter, healthy skin!  $65/50min 

Aqua Pro - Instant visible results! Triple exfoliation!  Water dermabrasion with sterile diamond microdermabrasion for a deeper exfoliation with glycolic exfoliation for maximum improvement for over all skin texture, lines, stimulate collagen as it ultra hydrates your skin for long term skin health. $159/60min/skin consultation required

Aqua Max - Maximum firming benefits in dermal layers of the skin will stimulate collagen. Micro current/RF energy will tighten and tone. Often referred to as "non surgical facelift" but we include the aqua dermabrasion and boost of glycolic for benefits that last! Face and neck included. $149/60mi

Take a deep breath as you slide into a warm bed of aromatherapy. Your choice of pressure to relieve pain, stress, and tension for body, mind and spirit. Discretely draped.
Signature Massage Spa's exclusive full body massage that will generate extreme relaxation and tension relief. Heat therapy for tense muscles, lymphatic drainage to relive sinus pressure, peppermint foot scrub, lavender scalp massage. Chilled glass of champagne to completely unwind.  $130/75min

Couples - Quality time with your spouse, best friend, mom, daughter, son or father. A relaxing atmosphere, on warm beds and soft music so you can unwind together.

$160/60min     $230/90min  (add $30 each for deep tissue)

Swedish - A traditional light to medium pressure massage. Will help alleviate tension, relax the mind and body, pain relief and improve circulation. $50/30min  $65/40min  $80/60min  $120/90min    
Deep Tissue - Deep direct pressure applied across the muscles with fingers, thumbs, and elbows. Reaches fascia beneath the surface muscle.  $110/60min   $140/90min   $190/2hr  

 $75/40min or  $60/30min deep customized for specific area/not full body massage.     


Cupping/Scraping - Technique used lifting the muscle fibers and draws blood to area of soreness/tightness and inflammation.   $85/70min Includes full body massage.

$50/30min cupping/scraping back only.        POSSIBLE BRUISING 

Raindrop Therapy - Combining essential oils and massage to help reduce inflammation and detoxify the body. Restores harmony. $130/100min

Maternity -Customized for the mother-to-be. Designed to help relieve the special needs of pregnancy discomforts.  $50/30min       $85/60min         

Hot Stone - Deep soothing heat of polished basalt stones penetrate tense, tired muscles. Provides a healing warmth as your stress melts away.  $110/70min       $135/90min   


Sticks and Stones - Hot stones to relax muscles and warm bamboo sticks easily flow curves and allows deeper penetration for underlying tissue to aid trigger tension points. $125/75min  

Teen/Pre TeenComfortable, custom pressure and age appropriate for teens first massage. Parent consent.   $40/30min

Back, Neck, Scalp and Shoulders - Customized for specific concerns. Perfect pick me up!  Great for last minute rejuvenation to make it thru your day!  $50/30min

Massage Add On's

Back Treatment-Peppermint exfoliation and hot towels, gently removes dry skin. $15

Foot Treatment- Soften feet with exfoliation and hot towel compression. $10

Cupping- Helps lift muscle fibers and reduce tightness and inflammation.  $15

Hot StonesHeated, smooth stones gently melt away tension. $10

Warm Bamboo Sticks-aids in trigger tension points. $15


ESSENTIAL BODY SCRUB - Warm compresses and essential oil blend of peppermint, sweet orange and brown sugar gently exfoliate dead skin cells, improve circulation and lock in moisture. Discretely draped on a a warm bed of aromatherapy.   $65/45min

ESSENTIAL BODY COMBO - Soothes body and mind with Spa Essential Body Scrub and essential oils, warm compresses and Swedish Body Massage to erase your stress

and leave skin silky smooth.   $160/100min

RAINDROP TREATMENT - Helps reduce inflammations and detoxify the body and harmonize mind, body and spirit with essential oils. (no massage) $90/60min

Chemical peels offer fast, maximum benefits for texture, age spots, pores lines, acne, sun damage, and wrinkles. Complimentary consultation recommended prior to chemical peel. Results may vary depending on individual skin genetics, sun damage, and previous skin treatments.


GLYCOLIC - A non-invasive glycolic facial peel with no down time. Improves texture, clarity and break outs. Immediate benefits.
$75 each          Series of 3 for $150         Series of 5 for $275
LATIC - A non-invasive chemical peel to lighten sun damage, pigmentation, age spots, blotchiness and help even skin tone. Brightens and lightens! $75 each  Series of 3 $150

SALICYLIC- Add to any facial. Recommended for combination and oily skin types. Decrease oil, tightens and improves breakouts. $15+ Spot treat areas of concern.


BHA FACIAL- Recommended for very oily skin types. Improves acne, texture, tightens and helps decrease oil production and breakouts. $85/30min

CUSTOM PEELS - For specific area(s) of concern. Personalized for your skin conditions. 

$150+ Free consultation prior to procedure.

ACNE SCARS - $75+Individual quote




Brow Lamination  Microblading alternative fills in gaps in brows. Fuller, natural brows, lifting in a vertical direction for the perfect trendy look! Great for thinning, unruly brows. Includes wax and shaping. $95

Lash Lift Curl your lashes! Last approximately 4-6 weeks. $80

Lash and/or Brow Tint  Color last approximately 4-6 weeks.$25

Gratuities are not included with any of spa services. For the ideal spa experience please arrive 10 minutes early to allow a stress free check in and begin on time. Arriving late will limit the time for your spa experience. We require a 24 hour notice for cancellations and a credit card is needed to hold your reservation.



FACIAL SERVICES - Our Specialty 

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11-5 SUNDAY and MONDAY 10-7 by therapist availability 

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Call (405)740-9836 to schedule your spa experience

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