Rejoice R3 Skincare ​

Rejoice R3 Skincare line has revolutionary ingredients with proven results.

Five simple products: a cleanser, scrub, hydrating serum, moisturizer and an anti-aging lotion. From acne to age spots. Fewer steps with maximum benefits! Customer focused success!        

             * PROVEN INGREDIENTS                      *PROUDLY MADE IN OKLA.

Promoting cell renewal, restore and repair collagen and preventing the signs of aging. With over 30 years in the skincare industry/research. Utilizing a blend of active anti aging power house peptides and vitamins, antioxidants with natural ingredients to repair, replenish and rejuvenate and restore damaged skin cells and collagen.

Rejoice R3 products will be personalized for your individual skin concerns, aging, sensitivity, oily, combination or dryness. FREE SKIN ASSESSMENT 



I am so blessed to have Dana helping with my skin product needs. My skin feels better and I very pleased


Wow, I am very pleased with the way my skin feels. Totally recommend trying the new Product. Call Dana soon☺


My daughter told me today that she noticed that my chin was firmer. I've noticed it is well.


LOVE LOVE Dana's products!!!!! My skin looks fabulous!!Thank you for helping women look their best!!


I have been a customer of Dana's for many years so was most anxious but a little apprehensive as she started creating and I started using her custom products. I have always been a woman who tried any and everything advertised. But I was pleasantly surprised when I determined her products really did work. All it takes it time, patience, and diligence. I told her from the beginning I was approaching 70 (and am now 75) and that she should choose "guinea pigs" much younger as results would be much more noticeable. I no longer believe that is the absolute truth. At this time I use her REJOICE LINE ...refresh cleaner, hydra firm , renewal and replenish. I can tell you I use them EVERY day exactly as per instructions and the difference in my face and neck is amazing. Certainly I don't look 40 or even 50 but I do look very good for my age. Weekly, someone comments and asks what skin products I use or have I had a lift. I might suggest you seriously give these products 3-6 months to do their "magic". It takes such little time each day, just perseverance, and the outcome is marvelous. A may have even seen me in some of her advertising. It makes me smile that even at this age I can sort of model small areas for her with revealing myself. Again, purchase products, make a commitment to yourself to use according to instructions and I know you will be pleased.


I want to give a big shout out to my beautiful, sweet friend, Dana Middleton, for the two newest products she formulated. I am using these, along with Dana's Hydrafirm 5 (and others) she formulated. Dana will be happy to give you more details, but I want to tell you first hand how wonderful her products are! Don't miss out!


I love these products!!! I've seen a huge change not only in my own skin, but all of my clients. I cannot keep it on my shelves. I recommend!!!


Hi Dana, Just thought I let you know where I'm at with your skin care. My face is smooth, very smooth. All five feel very nice on my skin. 


I absolutely love the toner, the smell is great it's light dries quickly. And I love the p.m. product it's nice and creamy and dries quickly feels good!


Great.Love love love the rejoice and the moisturizer and of course the cleaner. My neck really looks good, not perfect, but good for a 75 yr old neck. I firmly believe all products! 


I absolutely love the toner, the smell is great it's light dries quickly. And I love the p.m. product it's nice and creamy and dries quickly feels good. I don't have Facebook but you're more than welcome to share! Thk you !! 


What a difference in my neck! People have noticed the big difference and so have I 


I love love love this line. I tossed all my very expensive other brands and went exclusively to Rejoice! The difference in my skin texture, look and feel is amazing! Wrinkles diminished , smoothe,


The biggest surprise to me is how smooth the toner makes my face feel. I've never been a big fan of toner before, but I really this product! 


Hi Dana, hope you had a great weekend. Just thought I let you know where I'm at with your skin care. My face is smooth, very smooth. All five feel very nice on my skin. I noticed that I've been using the renewal every night and today I am a little dry. I will be running out of the toner probably out 2/3 days. I hope that I can see some more results so that ....well I'm leaning towards purchasing your products :).


Dana, I love the new skin care. I can tell a huge difference in my complexion overall but, the dark spots have lighten up tremendously! Another month and I think they will totally be gone!!! Thank you so much. 


Hi Dana, I'd like to order the Alpha Cleanser & Mint Facial these products. Do you still have my address info & charge number?


Love the mint scrub...smells and feels so good 🙂


I'm loving toner!!


I absolutely love the skincare line. I don't even want to put my tinted moisturizer on because I love my skin bare ❤️. But I am using sunscreen 😜


Dana I just wanted you to know I love the Rejoice toner and Renewal PM. I don't usually use a toner but this one seems to tighten and smooth. I have been using about 3 weeks now and noticed I don't look as tired in the mornings and overall my skin more smooth. I use with the hydrafirm too. Love the result


Dana, your products feel wonderful!!!


Love the skincare...I am finding I use less makeup, trying to "cover" things plus the makeup glides on much smoother. To me it is a "no brainier" there aren't a billion things to use which is an added bonus getting ready in the morning. I am 63 and my skin is in better condition than when I was in my 50's!

Have used Rejoice R3 Skincare for some time. The improvement in my skin is amazing. Recently turned 70 and love how my skin feels and looks. I no longer feel the need to buy or try other skin care products. My favorite products in this line are the Hydrafirm Moisturizer, Replenish Serum, and Renewal PM... but it's all wonderful.

I LOVE Rejoice R3 Skincare products and have been using them for years. I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin...and, so quickly! They’re a must for my daily routine. The personalized consultation on how and when to use the products is a welcome touch. Friendly, caring, welcoming service every time. Carol Dearman

I have used these products for about three years and love it. My complexion is smoother and healthier looking than ever before. I would highly recommend Rejoice 3 to anyone, no matter your age.

The Rejoice cleanser improved my complexion within 2-weeks, wish I used it as a teenager.

Excellent products! I hope they are available forever. My favorite is the Replenish Serum. Thank you, Dana!

Awesome skincare line! My skin is GLOWING!

I have tried many skincare lines and have never found one that was so easy to use. I use the Hydrafirm and Replenish Serum every morning and the Renewal PM every night and my skin hasn’t looked this good in years!

Been using for years! I love the results, price point and simplicity of this line!

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